Aviation Fuel Pricing for Canadians
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Reference Airport: Castlegar/West Kootenay Regional, BC
N 49 17 46   W 117 37 57

CYCG Castlegar/West Kootenay Regional, BC
METARCYCG 172300Z 00000KT 15SM FEW012 SCT044 OVC056 02/00 A3011 RMK SF1SC3SC5 SF TR SLP215
TAFTAF CYCG 171843Z 1719/1801 VRB03KT P6SM OVC040 TEMPO 1719/1721 3SM -RASN OVC020 FM172100 VRB03KT P6SM BKN040 OVC080 TEMPO 1721/1801 5SM -RA BR OVC020 RMK NXT FCST WILL BE ISSUED AT 181545Z
REF N 49 17 46  W 117 37 57    2SSE    18E
UTC-8(7)    Elev 1626    A5005 LO2 HI3 CAP
OPR City 250-365-7227
Cert day only
PFA-1,2,3,6 C-4,5
CUSTAOE/15 888-226-7277 avbl daylight hrs
FIC Kamloops 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4101 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
WXMETAR 14-01Z (DT 13-04Z) O/T LWIS TAF 16-01Z (DT 15-04Z), issue times: 16, 19Z (DT 15, 19, 01Z).
FUEL100LL, JA, SP 250-365-5935
PRICESFBO: Brilliant Aviation: 100LL public: 1.575; JETA: 1.460 (1.512 w/ FSII); current as of 2016-08-31.
S1,2,4,5,6 16Z-SS
RWY DATARwy 15(151)/33(331) 5299x150 asphalt R/L
TWYTwy B rstd to 50,000 lbs or less. Twys C & D Forestry Tanker Base use only.
LIGHTING15-AS P2, 33-SF P2 (offset 12 left). PAPI will not read correctly unless acft positioned on 12 offset apch flt path. PAPI limitation/restriction. PAPI Rwy 15 to be used only within 3 NM of thld; PAPI Rwy 33 to be used only within 2 NM of thld
RADIO 122.1 (V) 1330-0130Z (DT 1230-0430Z) (emerg only 250-365-3013)
RCOPacific rdo 126.7 (FISE)
MFrdo 1330-0130Z (DT 1230-0430Z) O/T tfc 122.1 5NM 6500 ASL (CAR 602.98)
PALVancouver Ctr 134.2 227.3
NDBCG 227 (M) N49 26 50 W117 34 30
BRILLIANT YK 269 (L) N49 19 31 W117 38 00
CHAMPION EF 206 (M) N49 15 22 W117 38 06
DMEXCG 110.1 Ch 38 N49 15 09 W117 39 48 (1718')
LOCXCG 110.1
PROAIRPORT RESTRICTION: Pursuant to CAR 602.96 (3) (d) aprt use rstd to daylight hrs only exc for emergencies. Rgt hand circuits Rwy 15 (CAR 602.96). When arriving via Kootenay River route, proceed to GOLF COURSE then join rgt hand circuit Rwy 15/left hand circuit Rwy 33 (CAR 602.96).
CAUTIONMtns sur the aprt & protrude into tkof/apch areas of both rwys. P-line 40 AGL crosses apch to Rwy 33 aprx 1500 fr thld. Acft on inst apchs may use high rates of descent (see hatched area on VTPC). Hi terrain reduces operational lengths of Rwy 15 and 33 PAPI.
Effective 0901Z 07 December 2017 to 0901Z 01 February 2018