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Reference Airport: Dawson City, YT
N 64 02 32  W 139 07 49
Provinces to show:

CYDA Dawson City, YT
FlightAware FltPlan Google Maps SkyVector
METARCYDA 211300Z 00000KT 15SM FEW045 OVC130 M02/M03 A2962 RMK SC2AC6 47028 SLP050
REF N 64 02 32  W 139 07 49    8E    21E (2015)
UTC-8(7)    Elev 1215    A5028 A5034 LO5 HI2 CAP
OPR Govt of Yukon 867-993-2909 or 867-634-2046
PFA-1 D-2,3,4,5,7,8
CUSTAOE/15 867-993-5455 or 888-226-7277 16-04Z dly, mid-May to mid-Sep; 1600-0030Z Mon-Fri, mid-Sep to mid-May
FIC Kamloops 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4101 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
ACCEdmonton IFR 888-358-7526
CARS867-993-5338 Ltd hrs (see COMM) Fax 867-993-6481
WXMETAR dur CARS hrs (see COMM) O/T LWIS TAF 17-24Z Oct 1-May 31; 15-03Z Jun 1-Sep 30 issue times 17, 18Z (DT 16, 18Z) Oct 1-May 31; 15, 18, 24Z Jun 1-Sep 30.
SERVICES Call out charges may be levied for one or more svcs. Fuel stor by permit only. Ctc opr.
FUEL100LL, JA-1 Aero Logistics Ltd. 13-03Z (DT 12-02Z) Jun 1-Sep 30, 14-23Z (DT 13-22Z) Oct 1-May 31, O/T 24hrs PN 867-993-4359
PRICES100LL public: 1.596; JETA: 1.189; current as of 2018-03-28.
OIL80, 100
RWY DATARwy 03(031)/21(211) 5006x100 gravel L/R
TWYTwys D & E clsd Sep 15-Mar 31. Twys B & C occasionally clsd dur snow removal ops. Twys B & C rstd to acft with max taxi weight 12,500 lbs or less.
RCRCARS, dur CARS hrs ops (see COMM) Aprt maint avbl 14-23Z (DT 13-22Z) Mon-Sun ctc 867-993-7719
LIGHTING03-P2 3.0, 21-P2 4.0 P2 lgts avbl dur CARS hrs ops only. Rising terrain penetrates. PAPI apch slope aprx 2 NM fr Thld 03 and aprx 1NM fr Thld 21.
RCOWhitehorse rdo 123.55 (FISE) 126.7 (bcst)
MFaprt rdo ltd hrs O/T tfc 122.1 5NM 4200 ASL (CAR 602.98)
APRT RDO122.1 (V) 13-03Z (DT 12-02Z) Jun 1-Sep 30; 14-23Z (DT 13-22Z) Oct 1-May 31
NDBDA 214 (M) N64 01 44 W139 10 05 Unmonitored when CARS clsd
PROAIRPORT RESTRICTION: Pursuant to CAR 602.96 (3) (d), aprt use rstd to daylight hrs only. Rgt hand circuits Rwy 21 (CAR 602.96). Obtain IFR dep clnc fr Whitehorse rdo prior to contacting aprt rdo. All non-sked acft with wing span over 60 ft require PN. Ctc 867-993-2909 or 867-634-2046.
CAUTIONHi gnd penetrates tkof/apch slopes aprx 2NM fr Thld 03 and 1NM fr Thld 21. Hang/paragliding activity near Dawson City townsite. Congested apron dur periods of enplaning and deplaning of large commercial acft in vic Twy A, pub fuel facility and ATB
Effective 0901Z 03 January 2019 to 0901Z 28 February 2019

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