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Reference Airport: Fredericton Intl, NB
N 45 52 08  W 066 32 14
Provinces to show:

CYFC Fredericton Intl, NB
FlightAware FltPlan Google Maps SkyVector
METARCYFC 260425Z AUTO 14007KT 100V160 9SM -RA SCT020 SCT037 OVC060 12/11 A3028 RMK PRESFR SLP254
TAFTAF AMD CYFC 260321Z 2603/2612 18008KT P6SM -SHRA FEW012 OVC030 TEMPO 2603/2605 4SM -RA BR OVC012 FM260500 17008KT 6SM -RA BR OVC010 TEMPO 2605/2612 21/2SM -RA -DZ BR OVC006 RMK FCST BASED ON AUTO OBS. NXT FCST BY 260600Z
REF N 45 52 08  W 066 32 14    7SE    18W (2014)
UTC-4(3)    Elev 67    A5003 LO8 HI6 CAP OC
OPR Greater Fredericton Airport Authority 506-460-0920
PFA-1,2,3,6(0900-0400Z) C-4,5
CUSTAOE/55 (140 with staged off-loading) 12-04Z 888-226-7277
FIC Halifax 866-WXBRIEF or (French) 866-GOMTO (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4106 (Toll free within Canada & USA). Flt Plns by Fax 902-873-6112 & include phone numbers where pilot can be reached prior to dep.
ACC(IFR only) Moncton 506-867-7177 or 866-480-8200.
WXMETAR AUTO H24 WxCam TAF H24, issue times: 00, 06, 12, 18Z.
SERVICES Call out chg may be levied for one or more svcs
FUEL100LL, JA-1 (FSII avbl), F-34, IP, HPR
PRICESFBO: Capital Airways: 100LL public: 2.370; JETA: 2.079; current as of 2018-04-03.
Note: Fuel Available 0800-1800 LCL $150 Call-out charge outside these hours.
OIL15W50 BP 2380
S1,4,5,6 Capital Airways
ARFFDESIGNATED CAT 6 (CAT 7 4 hr PN) 0915-0515Z (DT 0815-0415Z)
JASUElect Start 10/15. Capital Airways
PVT ADVCapital Airways Inc. 122.87 506-446-3588 Fax 506-446-3589 Mon-Fri 12-22Z Sat-Sun 13-21Z O/T 506-238-3653 PN call out chg. Air Canada Ground Handling 130.375 506-446-6133.
MIL ADVAircraft Services International Group (Irving Oil) Office 506-446-5103 Cell 506-470-2320 page 506-557-7270
MIL CONAircraft Services International Group (Irving Oil) 506-446-5103
RWY DATARwy 09(087)/27(267) 8005x200 asphalt
Rwy 15(148)/33(328) 6000x150 asphalt
CERTRwy 09 RVR 1200(1/4 sm)/Rwy 27 RVR 1200(1/4 sm) Rwy 15 RVR 1200(1/4 sm)/Rwy 33 RVR 1200(1/4 sm)
HELIRstd to max heli length of 49
RCROpr CRFI, win maint 0915-0400Z PN for extended svc. PLR/PCN
LIGHTING09-AN(TE HI) P2, 15-AN(TE HI) P2, 27-AO(TE HI) P2, 33-AO(TE HI) P2 ARCAL-119.0 type K (when twr closed)
RCOSaint John rdo 119.0 (RAAS) 0245-1045Z
ATIS127.55 1045-0245Z (O/T AWOS)
GND121.7 1045-0245Z
TWR119.0 (E) 1045-0245Z (emerg only 506-446-3420)
MFSaint John rdo 119.0 0245-1045Z 5NM 3500 ASL (CAR 602.98)
PALMoncton Ctr 124.3 135.5 270.8
VDF119.0 1045-0245Z
NDBFC 326 (M) N45 55 02 W66 36 00
VORDMEYFC 113.0 Ch 77 N45 53 41 W66 25 08 (52)
DMEIDC 111.3 Ch 50 N45 51 47 W66 32 52 (62)
ILSIDC 111.3 (Rwy 09) RVR
PRODep Rwy 15 turn as soon as practicable after tkof to remain clear of CYR724. Transponder MODE C required within the Fredericton CZ.
CAUTIONRESTRICTED AREAS: Extv live firing in CYR724, 725 4NM SE of aprt. AIRSPACE: Gagetown Class E CZ 3.5NM SE to 3500 ASL.
Effective 0901Z 0901Z 19 July 2018 to 0901Z 13 September 2018

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