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Reference Airport: Langley Regional, BC
N 49 06 03  W 122 37 51
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CYNJ Langley Regional, BC
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REF N 49 06 03  W 122 37 51    Adj    17°E (2013)
UTC-8(7)    Elev 34    VTA A5004 LO2 T1 CAP
OPR Township of Langley 604-534-7330 APM
PFB-1,2,3 C-4,5,6
FIC Kamloops 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4101 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
ACCVancouver IFR 604-586-4590/4591; IFR tng flts PPR ctc 604-586-4592; ctc Victoria Tml 604-586-4561 for IFR clnc when TWR clsd.
DUATAPM’S office
FUEL100LL, JA-1 (by truck, callout 604-532-0322)
PRICES100LL public: 1.600; JETA: 1.410; current as of 2019-03-18.
PVT ADVCanWest Aerospace 604-532-0322
RWY DATARwy 07(075°)/25(255°) 2743x75 asphalt Thld 07 displ 654´. Thld 25 displ 343´. Avbl dur twr oprg hrs only. Ngt ops not auth.
Rwy 01(015°)/19(195°) 2100x75 asphalt Thld 01 displ 104’. Thld 19 displ 96’.
APRONApron I & II wing tip clearance less than 50' wide in some areas
HELIFATO-A 110’ dia asphalt TLOF 28' dia asphalt Safety Area 143’ dia grass Max heli overall length 55'' (exc with opr appr) 14,000 lbs. FATO-B 110’ dia asphalt TLOF 28' dia asphalt Safety Area 143’ dia grass Max heli length 58’ (exc with opr appr) 20,500 lbs. Medevac flt only 06-15Z‡. FATO-C FATO/TLOF 85' dia asphalt Safety Area 110'' dia grass Max heli overall length 59' (exc with ops appr). 20,500lbs. Day only. Parking Pads 1-4: 31’ dia concrete 3600 lbs For temporary prkg and refuelling only. Parking Pads 5-6: 66' dia asphalt Max heli overall length 55' 14,000 lbs.
RCRTwr 604-534-9443 Aprt rstd to a max wt of 12,500 lbs exc with opr auth PLR
LIGHTING01-(TE ME) P1 4.5°, 19-(TE ME) AP 4.0° FATO-A: DR RW no aiming pt (LO) Rwy & Helipad A lgts on single setting after twr hrs til 0615Z‡ by automatic timer. FATO-B: RW no aiming pt (LO) ARCAL-119.0 type J
ATIS124.5 1-877-517-2847 1630-0230Z (DT 1530-0330Z)
GND121.9 1630-0230Z (DT 1530-0330Z)
TWR119.0 (V) 1630-0230Z (DT 1530-0330Z) (emerg only 604-534-9443)
MFtfc 119.0 0230-1630Z (DT 0330-1530Z) 3NM 1900 ASL (CAR 602.98)
VORPITT MEADOWS YPK 112.4 N49 12 57 W122 42 54 (44')
PRORefer to Canada Flight Supplement
CAUTIONTrees to 100 AGL 250' SE pad B, 250' W Thld 07, and S of Fraser hwy. Only pilots familiar with this airport dur daylight hrs should use the airport dur hrs of darkness. Ocsl glider activity to 2500 ASL. Use caution when taxiing on Apron I & II due to min wing tip clearance.
Effective 0901Z 03 January 2019 to 0901Z 28 February 2019

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