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Reference Airport: Edmonton/Villeneuve, AB
N 53 40 06  W 113 51 08
Provinces to show:

CZVL Edmonton/Villeneuve, AB
FlightAware FltPlan Google Maps SkyVector
METARCZVL 251900Z AUTO 30019G28KT 9SM SCT085 09/M12 A3016 RMK SLP238
TAFTAF CZVL 251738Z 2518/2606 29015G25KT P6SM FEW070 SCT150 BECMG 2522/2524 31012KT RMK FCST BASED ON AUTO OBS. NXT FCST BY 260000Z
REF N 53 40 06  W 113 51 08    1W    15E (2013)
UTC-7(6)    Elev 2256    VTA A5015 LO1 LO2 HI3 T1 CAP
OPR Edmonton Airports 780-890-8900/8327
Cert Ldg fees
PFA-1 avbl 1430-23Z D-2,3,4,5,6
CUSTAOE/15 (Cost Recovery) 888-226-7277 14-22Z
FIC Edmonton 780-890-8386 or Edmonton 866-WXBRIEF (Toll free within Canada) or 866-541-4102 (Toll free within Canada & USA)
ACCEdmonton IFR 888-358-7526
WXMETAR AUTO H24 (see COMM) TAF H24, issue times: 00, 06, 12, 18Z WxCam
FUEL100LL, JA-1 (FSII avbl), SP Villeneuve Aviation Centre Inc. 780-460-0470 Mon-Fri 14-01Z (DT 13-00Z), Sat 15-23Z (DT 14-22Z), Sun 17-21Z (DT 16-20Z) O/T call out chgs apply. Fuel truck avbl. Automated credit card processing cardlock. Cardinal Aviation Centre FBO 780-459-0952/780-446-5949 Mon-Sat 15-23Z (DT 14-22Z) Sun 20-23Z (DT 19-22Z) O/T 780-446-5949 HQ Fuels Ltd. Automated credit card processing. Fuel truck avbl 888-451-4621
PRICESFBO: Villeneuve Aviation Center: 100LL public: 1.680; JETA: 1.180; current as of 2018-06-16.
FBO: Cardinal Aviation: 100LL public: 1.680; current as of 2018-06-16.
RWY DATARwy 08(085)/26(265) 5001x100 asphalt Rwy 08 down 0.42% L/R
Rwy 16(165)/34(345) 3496x100 asphalt R/L
APRONApron II PPR fr tenant or opr for access. Bcst intentions on 123.45. Apron II rstd to acft with wingspans less than 59.1'
RCROpr Ltd hrs, 3 hrs PN. Call out fee may be levied. CRFI, PLR/PCN.
LIGHTING08-(TE HI) P2, 26-AE(TE HI) P2, 16-(TE ME), 34-(TE ME) ARCAL-118.8 type K
ATIS128.35 15-04Z
GNDVilleneuve 120.8 15-04Z
TWRVilleneuve 118.8 (V) 15-04Z (emerg only 780-458-5828)
ATFtfc 118.8 04-15Z 5NM to below 4600 ASL
ARREdmonton Tml 119.5
DEPEdmonton Tml 119.5
VFR ADVEdmonton Tml 127.4 in Class C
AWOS128.35 04-15Z
DMEIVL 111.95 Ch 56(Y) N53 40 23 W113 50 36 (2251')
ILSIVL 111.95 (Rwy 26) RVR
PRORgt hand circuits Rwy 16 & 26 (CAR 602.96). Pilots to close VFR flt plans with Edmonton FIC (phone) when practicable or request closure fr ATC. For VFR routes see Edmonton VTPC or as directed by ATC. Edmonton Class C Airspace overlies CZ. TRANSPONDER MANDATORY - Acft operating in Edmonton Class C require a discrete transponder code which may be obtained by filing a flt plan or ctc 888-358-7526 at least 30 min prior to entering. IFR Training Restriction: PPR for IFR tng flights. Ctc ATC 888-358-7526 no more than 24 hrs prior to ETD.
CAUTIONDeer in vic of rwys. Aerobatics may be in progress over aprt 5800' ASL & below. Rising terrain immediately S of thld Rwy 34.
Effective 0901Z 0901Z 28 February 2019 to 0901Z 25 April 2019

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